We also provide delicious, Hawaiian Style in-house catering. Choose from one of our chef-selected menus or build your own!

The Ohana Special


The Ultimate menu choice of authentic Hawaiian Food. It includes everything that one would truly enjoy while experiencing a traditional Hawaiian Luau. Includes the following:

Aloha Packages


Build Your Own!

The “Build Your Own Menu” provides clients the opportunity to create their own menu of choice by selecting options from authentic Hawaiian Food, comfort American food, Asian food, gourmet hot dogs, or creating a menu that meets dietary needs.

Option 1


1 Main Entree

1 Starch

1 Salad

1 Dessert

Option 2


2 Main Entrees

1 Starch

1 Salad

1 Dessert

Option 3


3 Main Entrees

2 Starches

3 Salads

2 Desserts